Italian Sausage

Cooking Instructions (*this works for the lamb merguez sausage meal as well*)

Sausage – 15m ( the liquid in the bag is to be drained out before plating, it is excess moisture from cooking.  Plate peppers and onions with sausage.)

Polenta – 10m

Suggestion:   Add fresh basil to the pepper mixture if you have.  Would be good with fresh parsley, or thyme also.

Italian sausage creamy polenta peperonata - Cacio Pepe Meals


  1. Cut open the bag to the polenta, and pour onto the plate, in the centre, or just off centre depending on where you want to place the sausage.
  2. Cut open the corner of the bag to the sausage, and discard as much of the liquid as possible.
  3. Cut open the bag to the sausage fully, using tongs, place the sausage onto of the polenta.
  4. At this point you can add fresh basil, parsley or fresh herbs of your choosing to the bag that has just the peppers left in it.
  5. Using the tongs, place the pepper mixture on top of the sausage.