Old Miso Salmon

Cooking Instructions

Salmon – 30m (the liquid left in the bag is the sauce, and is to be poured over the salmon)

Ginger Vegetables – 20m  (discard liquid in bag after cooking)

Scallion Cake – 10m

Carrot Puree – 10m

Suggestion:  You can chop cilantro up, and place it into the bag with the Miso butter sauce after you have plated the salmon, then sauce the plate with the herbs and butter, adds a nice layer of fragrance.

Miso butter poached Salmon


  1. Cut open the bag to your carrot puree, and place all in the centre of the plate, using the back of a spoon, starting from the centre, using a clockwise motion around, slowly fanning out, until you get the desired sized circle as your base.
  2. Cut open the bag to the scallion cake, and place it directly in the centre of the circle.
  3. Cut open your bag of vegetables, and discard all of the liquid in the bag, then using tongs, place your carrots in any fashion that you see fit.
  4. Cut open the bag of salmon, and using tongs or a spatula, very carefully take the fish out of the bag, place onto the scallion cake. Then pour the remaining liquid in the bag overtop of the salmon, this is the miso sauce for the dish.