Phyllo Chickpea Wrap

Cooking Instructions


Phyllo/Eggplant Chickpea – Baked from frozen at 400F convection for 20m

Ginger Vegetables -  20m (discard liquid in bag after cooking)

Eggplant Puree – 10m

Mint Honey – 2m

Ras el hanout spiced chickpea wrap with roasted eggplant puree and mint honey


  1. Cut open the bag of puree, and place it onto the plate in any desired artistic fashion. See this page on plating purees for examples;
  2. Using a spatula, place your phyllo wraps one at a time onto the plate. Usually placing them one on top of the other in opposite angles will give the dish needed height.
  3. Cut open the bag to the ginger vegetables and discard as much of the liquid as possible. Using a spoon, place the vegetables around the plate in any fashion you see fit.
  4. Cut open one corner of the mint honey, and drizzle over top, or around the dish, which ever you prefer.
  5. Here you can add something to the top of your dish, we have used chilli threads in this picture but anything would work just fine; any of micro greens, arugula, fresh herbs, just lightly tossed in some lemon juice, or just a little olive oil. Of course the dish is fine without this last step, this would just be showing off.