Thai Prawn Curry

Cooking Instructions

 Prawn Curry/Veg Curry - 18m 

Cauliflower Rice - 18m (discard liquid in the bag before plating)

Cashews and Coconut - Shake overtop of finished dish as garnish.

thai prawn curry coconut cauliflower rice - Cacio Pepe Meals


  1. Cut open the corner of the bag to the cauliflower, and discard as much of the liquid as possible. Finish cutting open the bag fully, and dump the contents into the middle of your bowl.
  2. Cut open the bag to the prawn curry, using tongs, place your 4 prawns ontop of the cauliflower rice, stacking as you go to add some height to your dish, and to show off your main protein. Then dump the rest of the contents of the bag around the prawns.
  3. Cut open the bag to the cashews and coconut, shake overtop of the dish, around the prawns.
  4. Garnish with some cilantro, or Thai basil to add some colour and freshness. This is completely optional, as the dish is already self sufficient.