Turkey Dinner

Cooking Instructions

Start by putting these in the pot first:

Turkey Leg - 25m (after removing turkey leg and thigh from pot, cut open bag, discard the liquid contents) 

Stuffing - 10m

Carrots and Squash - 10m (after cooking discard liquid contents)

After taking these three bags out of the pot, set them aside to cool on the counter top for 5m, while you are putting the next round of bags into the water

Turkey Breast - 25m (the liquid in the bag is the gravy)

Mashed Potato - 25m

Peas - 10m (discard as much liquid from bag as possible before plating)

After the Turkey Breast gets put into the pot, place the contents of the first 3 bags (turkey leg and thigh, carrots and squash, and stuffing) onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and cook at 425 degrees in the oven for 15m 

Cacio Pepe fully prepared turkey dinner


I usually just like to plate this in the middle of the table family style, as that is what meals like this are all about.