Wild Mushroom Chicken

Cooking Instructions

Chicken – 35m (the liquid left in the bag is the sauce, and is to be poured over the chicken)

Carrots and scallion – 20m  (discard liquid in bag after cooking)

Carrot puree – 10m


wild mushroom chicken thigh on carrot ginger puree


  1. Cut open the bag of carrot puree, and place on the plate using any fashion you see fit. Here we have a reference guide to different methods, and how to plate them; https://www.caciopepemeals.com/pages/plating
  2. Cut open the bag of chicken, using tongs, place the pieces of chicken thigh onto the plate (usually placing one down, and having the second slightly lean off the first to give the dish some more height). Here you can add some chopped fresh parsley or thyme to the bag, to add some colour and freshness to the dish. Spoon the sauce overtop of the chicken
  3. Cut open the bag of carrots and scallion, and discard as much of the liquid as possible, then using tongs, place the carrots and scallions onto the plate in any fashion you would like.