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Chipotle, Lime Coconut Sauce for Mussels (for 2)

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Chipotle, lime coconut mussel sauce, and four pieces of garlic toast.

*mussels not included*

This meal feeds 2 comfortably if you buy a 2lbs bag of mussels, or if you like a lot of extra broth, a one lbs bag of mussels for one person.

This meal is a mussel meal setup. The sauce and garlic toast are straight from your freezer. The mussels are bought separately on your own.

*pictured is one lbs of mussels with half of the garlic toast (half the meal)*

Cooking Instructions:

Garlic Toast - 10m in a 400F oven

Sauce - 5m (in simmering water)

Pour sauce, once in a liquid state into a saucepan or pot with a fitted lid and bring sauce to a simmer

Pour mussels into the pot/pan, cover with lid, Cook on med/high for 2-3m.