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Italian Sausage with Peperonata (GF)

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Fully Prepared Italian Sausage with Peperonata Meal

House-made Italian sausage, on creamy polenta, and a zesty peperonata.

Each meal contains:

  • Italian sausage in peperonata (julienned peppers and onions)
  • Creamy polenta

Wine Pairings:

  • White - Chablis from Burgundy, France
  • Red - Chianti or Barbera from Italy, Rioja from Spain

Cooking Instructions:

Sausage - 10m (excess liquid in bag is meant to be discarded. Plate the peppers and onion with the sausage)

Polenta - 10m 

Suggestion - add fresh basil to the pepper mixture (fresh thyme or parsley also works)