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Octopus & Chorizo Cakes

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Fully Prepared Octopus & Chorizo Cakes Meal

Panko crusted octopus & chorizo cakes, chili lemon broccolini, and a Spanish romesco sauce.

Each meal includes:

  • 2 octopus chorizo cakes 
  • 1 pack of broccolini 
  • 1 pack romesco sauce  

Wine Pairing:

  • White - Rioja from Spain 
  • Rose - Spanish Rosado

Cooking Instructions:

*CAKES GO IN THE OVEN*, everything else is cooked in simmering water

Cakes - 20m (or until golden brown on the outside) in a 425F oven, baked from frozen, flip cakes after 15 minutes to brown both sides. 

Broccolini - 10m (discard liquid after cooking)

Romesco sauce - 2m