Braised Lamb Shank (GF)

Braised Lamb Shank (GF)

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Fully Prepared Single Portion Braised Lamb Shank Meal

 Braised Lamb Shank in a Grand Marnier demi glacé sauce, roasted garlic & rosemary mashed potato, and glazed carrots.

Each meal includes:

  • 1 pack braised lamb shank in demi 
  • 1 pack potato mashed
  • 1 pack glazed carrots 

Wine pairing:

  • Red - Cotes du Rhone (blend: Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre) from France, Cabernet Sauvignon from California, a Bordeaux blend from anywhere, Chianti Classico from Italy

Cooking Instructions:

Lamb - 30m (the liquid in the bag is your sauce (demi sauce))

Potato - 15m

Carrots - 15m

*Pricing* At Cacio Pepe we are always trying to bring you the best possible product, for the best possible price, while also being completely transparent with our customers. The lamb shanks are not always coming in at the same size, so instead of charging you the same price, we will put the price down when they are smaller shanks coming in. Smaller shanks will be indicated by a price of $23.99, the larger shanks will be indicated by a price of $26.99.