Prepared Meals Reimagined

Step One

Simmer Meal

Step Two

Cut Open Bag

Step Three

Plate & Enjoy!

Frozen Meals

Seasonal Collection

A collection of seasonal offerings using fresh local produce.

Inspired Dishes

After recently returning from our trip to Italy, we have brought back with us inifinite inspiration in the kitchen. We will be adding new items that were inspired by the amazing food we experienced during our travels, in the coming weeks and months.

Italy Collection

Artisanal Lasagna

A collection of artisanal lasagna, made with only the finest sourced whole ingredients.

Our Lasagna Collection

Feature Pasta

As a thank you to our loyal customers, we are offering a pasta feature to help feed the community with good food at a great price.

Lamb Ragu pappardelle pasta

Lamb Ragu

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