Cabernet Braised Beef
cacio pepe cabernet braised beef

Cabernet Braised Beef

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Fully Prepared Cabernet Braised Beef Meal

Brisket of beef braised in Cabernet wine and beef stock, herb and garlic mashed potato, brandy caramelized onions, and glazed carrots with a Cabernet demi glac̩e sauce.

Each meal includes;

  • 1 pack braised beef in beef demi glac̩e
  • 1 pack herb & garic mashed potato
  • 1 pack glazed carrots
  • 1 pack brandy caramelized onions 

Wine Pairing;

  • Red; Cabernet from California, or a Bordeaux blend from the New World or from Bordeaux, France

Cooking Instructions:

Beef - 20m

Potato, Carrots, Onions - 10m