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Coq au Vin

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Fully Prepared Coq au Vin Meal

Classic Coq Au Vin the Julia Child way. Braised Chicken thighs that have been marinated in red wine and brandy, roast carrots and mushrooms, confit onion, in a red wine chicken gravy, served with mashed potato.

Each meal contains;

  • 1 pack of two braised chicken thighs in a red wine gravy with vegetables
  • 1 pack mashed potato

Wine pairing;

  • White - Dry Riesling from Alsace, France, or Chablis from Burgundy France
  • Red - Pinot from Burgundy, France or Cotes du Rh̫one or Chateauneuf du Pape from France, local Canadian Gamay Noir

Cooking Instructions:

Chicken - 25m (the bag contains the vegetables and sauce all to be poured onto the potato purée)

Potato - 10m