Italian Sides *for two* - Cacio Pepe Meals
Italian Sides *for two* - Cacio Pepe Meals

Italian Sides *for two*

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Tuscan white beans with kale, sun-dried tomato and roasted pork belly, broccolini poached in a chili lemon butter, creamed Parmesan corn.

Introducing our new Summer sides collection. 3 different sides enough for two people with the addition of a protein of your choice. Perfect to have in a pot of simmering water while you are out on your BBQ enjoying a nice cool Summer beverage.

Each meal contains;

  • 1 pack Tuscan white beans
  • 1 pack broccolini 
  • 1 pack creamed corn

    Cooking Instructions:

     All bags - 10 minutes in simmering water

    Plating Instructions:

    1. Pour out your creamed corn onto your plates.

    2. Place your meat of choice on top of the creamed corn.

    3. Open the bag to the beans, and empty contents beside your protein.

    4. open the bag to the broccolini and discard the cooking liquid inside, using tongs place the broccolini up against your protein.