Cooking Instructions and Plating

Cooking Instructions

1. Put on a pot of simmering water (not boiling).Water should only have very tiny bubbles coming off the bottom.
2. All items go into the simmering pot, in their packaging, unless underneath specified for oven, or pot first, and then to oven.
3. Place items in at specified times. All times are only minimums. If placed in at the same maximum time or beyond its not going to ruin your day, ease of use is the main goal.
4. Take items out of the hot water, place on a kitchen towel, and let sit a minute or two if too hot to handle.
5. Cut open with scissors, and plate as you would like, enjoy.

*All times for oven temperatures are using convection. If not using convection, add 25 degrees.


Prepared MEals

Cacio Pepe osso buco with creamy polenta and gremolata

Osso Buco

Cacio Pepe Cioppino with garlic bread


Braised beef fully prepared by Cacio Pepe

Braised Beef

Gluten free dairy free coconut thai prawn curry

Coconut Prawn Curry

Braised lamb shoulder on parsnip puree with a rosemary crumble

Braised Lamb Shoulder

Crisp duck confit on brown butter butternut squash puree with a cherry gastrique

Duck Confit

Cacio Pepe house made Italian sausage with peppernata on creamy polenta

Italian & Lamb Sausage

turkey roulade with cranberry stuffing and gravy

Stuffed Turkey

harissa spiced chickpea tangine wrapped in phyllo

Harissa Spiced Chickpea

Duck cassoulet with sausage and pork belly

Duck Cassoulet

Apple braised pork shoulder cider pickled mustard seed sauce Robert

Apple Braised Pork

classic coq au vin

Coq au Vin

chicken and apricot ballotine chickpeas eggplant

Apricot Chicken

braised lamb shoulder gnocchi San Marzano tomato sauce grated pecorino cheese

 Lamb Gnocchi

chicken gnocchi parmesan cream sauce

Chicken Gnocchi

Grilled vegetable gnocchi in San Marzano tomato sauce

 Grilled Vegetable Gnocchi

wild boar ragu pappardelle pasta grated pecorino cheese

 Wild Boar Ragu

miso salmon carrot ginger puree

Miso Salmon

apple herb sausage mashed potato sticky onion gravy

Apple and Herb Sausage

handmade Italian sausage raviol

Italian Sausage Ravioli

prawn confit fennel ricotta handmade ravioli rose cream sauce

Prawn Ravioli

Kids meals

Cacio Pepe kids chicken pot pieless

Kids Chicken Pieless

Panko crusted kids fish cake with peas and carrots

Kids Fish Cake

kids chicken penne cacio pepe meals

Kids Chicken Penne

Cacio Pepe's kids roast beast

Kids Roast Beast

kids meatball and mashed potato with tomato sauce

Kids Meatball and Mash

Chicken fingers and sweet potato waffles

Kids Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle

Sausage with peppers and mashed potatoes for kids

Kids Sausage and Mash

kids rigatoni bolognese Cacio Pepe Meals

Kids Bolognese


Orange semifreddo with a Grand Marnier caramel

Orange Dreamsicle

Molten chocolate lava cake with raspberry coulis

Molten Chocolate

Vanilla bean cheesecake with red wine cherries

Vanilla Cheesecake

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding 

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies